Teledyne FLIR debuts enhanced K-Series thermal imaging cameras

Improved image clarity and contrast boosts situational awareness so first responder missions are completed safely and more efficiently

FLIR, a Teledyne company, has launched its improved K-Series firefighting and search and rescue (SAR) thermal imaging cameras (TICs). This TIC series now includes greater image clarity and sharpness, especially in low-contrast scenes, offering better overall perception to improve operator safety and efficiency.

The enhanced K-Series will help firefighters navigate dangerous conditions with greater safety and efficiency through image processing improvements that significantly increase image quality throughout the imaging span. The enhanced visibility prevents disorientation and improves situational awareness during fire attacks and search and rescue missions. The Flexible Scene Enhancement (FSXTM) technology, standard for all K-Series models, helps firefighters see low-contrast targets even in scenes with wide temperature ranges.

kxx comparison 1.png

Thermal from original Kxx-Series model vs. thermal from 2024 enhanced Kxx-Series model

 “FLIR K-Series TICs have become standard, reliable tools for the firefighting and SAR communities, helping them survey precarious environments in low-visibility settings where time is of the essence,” said Peter Dekkers, director, global business development, Teledyne FLIR. “With the enhanced K-Series, we’re delivering better identification of unstable floor areas, doors, openings, and hidden compartments to help public safety personnel quickly locate persons and hot spots, and to conduct faster detection and incident resolution for those on the front lines.”

The cameras withstand heat up to 260°C (500°F) for five minutes, so public safety personnel can always have them on hand when entering an active fire. The IP67-rated housing includes a 4” image display that captures granular details in fire operations regardless of wet, dirty, or low-visibility conditions.

The improved K-Series models include K33, K45, K53, K55, and K65, which are available for purchase today.