FLIR Unveils Cascade Software Leveraging Open Approach to Unify Traffic Data for More Efficient Management and Decisioning

Built to Integrate with Existing Traffic Control, VMS, and SCADA Systems, Cascade Helps Traffic Managers Better Prioritize and Respond to Incidents and Delays

April 16, 2024 – FLIR, a Teledyne Technologies company, today introduced the FLIR Cascade software that turns raw traffic data, incident records, and road alerts from up to 300 separate FLIR traffic detectors into actionable insights. FLIR’s unified approach enables traffic managers to make faster, more informed decisions to keep vehicles moving on the road while improving safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers.

Designed to interoperate with leading traffic management platforms installed today, Cascade’s open infrastructure approach leverages essential plugins, including supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA), video management systems (VMS), and other traffic control software. Cascade makes it easy to display high-resolution video clips of incidents for quick review by traffic managers and first responders. Personnel can generate custom filters and alerts within Cascade to improve efficiency and decision support for managing traffic conditions and responding to roadway emergencies.

“Cascade represents the next-generation software platform enabling traffic managers to become faster and more responsive for road safety while receiving even more value from existing installations of FLIR intelligent traffic system (ITS) sensors,” said Stefaan Pinck, vice president, business development, FLIR. “The software provides the flexibility to manually activate or schedule filters within the interface, such as recognizing the difference between normal stop-and-go traffic and disabled vehicles that pose a legitimate hazard. Furthermore, the system easily integrates with existing VMS and other common management systems, adding a layer of curated, actionable data for traffic managers to respond in real time to changing conditions.”

Cascade can be licensed either as an on-premise solution or through the cloud, accessible via a network connection on a PC or web browser, providing the flexibility required to fit the needs of traffic managers and existing system infrastructure of any size. For comprehensive video management, Cascade seamlessly integrates with FLIR United VMS via a dedicated UVMS Plugin for a cohesive and effective solution.

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To view a FLIR Cascade software demonstration in person, visit the Teledyne FLIR stand number 01.335 at Intertraffic Amsterdam, Netherlands, April 16 – 19, 2024.


FLIR, a Teledyne Technologies company, is a world leader in intelligent sensing solutions for industrial applications with thousands of employees worldwide. Founded in 1978, the company creates advanced technologies to help professionals make better, faster decisions that save lives and livelihoods. For more information, please visit or follow @flir.